Diagnostic Services
Demanding work Shedules, missed meals, late hours, lack of exercise .......When was the last time you took stock of the damages that your busy life might have inflicted on your body ? When was the last time you had complete health check up?
Many health problems can be managed effectively if detected early. A through Preventive health check-up helps in the assessment of your health conditions.
Try care Offers a range of health check-up packages for all age groups. A few hours with us will provide you and your family the assurance and mental satisfaction about your wellness.
 TRICARE HEALTH CARE Rs.850.00 download View Details
 TRICARE EXECUTIVE CARE Rs. 2400.00 download View Details
 TRICARE CARDIAC CARE Rs. 3650.00 download View Details
 TRICARE WELL WOMAN CARE Rs. 2500.00 download View Details